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We are a launchpad that transforms ideas into businesses.

History & Focus

Tetrio was founded in 2005 to realize our founder’s vision of the future. We grow ideas from simple concepts and build scalable businesses around these new concepts. Our work crosses many different disciplines and industries as we solve business and consumer problems using novel approaches. Our concepts sometimes result in new products or algorithms but often entire new businesses or markets. Although we do many things, you will find automation, optimization and artificial intelligence in core of many of our solutions.

Fields of Research

  • Neural Networks & Genetic Algorithms
  • Predictive Financial Modeling & Automated Trading
  • Text Mining & Image Analysis
  • Dynamic Content Creation and Optimization
  • Mobile Application Performance and Usability
  • Website Performance and Scalability
  • Technology-Enabled Education and Learning

Investment & Partnership

Have a clever idea, product or patent that you have already developed our would like to develop?

We are interested in investing in and fostering the development of companies aiming to solve problems using clever solutions or novel approaches. We are especially interested in new opportunities in Taiwan and China.

Contact us to learn more about how we might work together to develop your ideas.

Founder's Profile

Ed Gogel - Founder

Mr. Gogel is a seasoned entrepreneur, engineer and inventor. He started programming at the age of 10 and started his first business by the age of 12. He was already designing and building corporate computer networks by the age of 15.

He holds patents in the fields of on-line contextual advertising and dynamic user interface translation and degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI).

He was the founder and CTO of Workplace Answers, a web-based and mobile compliance training company. He was the inventor and developer of the world's first interactive touch-screen mobile training device. In addition, he designed and built one of the first on-line interactive course design, delivery and learning management system that has been used to train millions of employees around the world. Since selling Workplace Answers in 2005, he has developed many other notable technologies and companies.

Prior to founding Workplace Answers, Mr. Gogel developed automated solutions for problem identification and resolution at IBM and was the inventor and architect of IBM's TidalWave automated system migration and deployment system. He developed a number of key automation tools for IBM to simplify the tasks of systems administration across diverse hardware platforms and operating systems. He also held the position of Chief Technical Architect at MCI & Electronic Data Systems (EDS) where he designed, built and supported large scale distributed networks and datacenters.

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